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A Cocktail is the name given to an alcoholic drink that consists of a base spirit (or two spirits) mixed with other ingredients such as fruit juices or soft drinks. Sweetened liqueurs, wines and beers are sometimes also added for flavour.

There are an infinite combination of spirits and mixers, and cocktails come in a huge variety of flavours and complexities, from a simple Screwdriver (vodka and orange) through to the Commonwealth cocktail, which has 71 different ingredients!

The most popular cocktails worldwide include the Cosmopolitan, Sex on the Beach, the Manhattan and the Pornstar Martini. Many bartenders and mixologists create their own concoctions in their bars, restaurants and clubs.

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•  The most popular cocktail in the world is the Old Fashioned.

•  An attempt to set the Guinness World Record for the world’s most expensive cocktail was thwarted when the mixologist dropped and smashed a bottle of Cognac worth $77,000

•  The name of the Screwdriver cocktail derives from Persian oil workers in the 1920s. When lacking a spoon to stir, they used screwdrivers

•  A Gibson Martini uses a pickled onion instead of an olive garnish!

There is much debate over the origins of the cocktail. A popular theory begins in New Orleans, where a pharmacist named Peychaud served a mixed brandy drink in an egg cup. The drink was named ‘Coquetier’ (French for egg cup). Peychaud’s guests shortened the name to ‘Cocktay,’ which ultimately led to the cocktail name.

The first-ever cocktail party was allegedly hosted by Mrs Julius S. Walsh Jr. of St. Louis, Missouri in May 1917. Walsh invited 50 guests to her home on a Sunday afternoon, where they consumed cocktails until dinner was served. Cocktail parties stay extremely popular and creative.

The introduction of alcohol prohibition in 1920s America added a twist to the history of the cocktail. Cocktails continued to be consumed illegally, with the base of many cocktail recipes changing from Whisky to Gin, which was far easier and cheaper to produce on the black market. Honey, fruit juices, sweeteners, sugar and other flavourings were added to disguise the foul taste of the low-quality, illegal alcohol being produced. The sweeter the cocktail, the easier it was to drink quickly if the establishment were to be raided!

Cocktails also saw a wave of popularity in the 1980’s with clean-tasting vodka replacing gin in many traditional cocktails. The art of Mixology remains popular as the range of drinks and creativity of mixologists keeps on increasing.

What cocktails can I make at home?

The sky is the limit! We recommend buying a cocktail shaker, which will help you magic up a huge range of cocktails.

Is it safe to consume egg whites in cocktails?

Egg whites are an ingredient in many popular cocktails such as Gin Fizz and Amaretto Sour.

They are safe to use and consume. The whites are shaken without ice in a cocktail so that they emulsify. This is a process in which the whites are agitated, which causes their proteins to unfold and mix with air bubbles that create a foam on the top of the cocktail. This is safe to drink.

What’s a “twist”?

A twist refers to a citrus peel—usually lemon, orange or grapefruit with no white pith, twisted over a drink so that its zest is expressed into it.

Should a Martini be shaken or stirred?

This is down to preference! A Martini can be shaken or stirred.

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