NV Brut Champagne



Discover our wide range of Non-Vintage Brut Champagne bottlings from famous houses including Bollinger, Lanson, Armand De Brignac and Moet & Chandon.

A Brut Champagne is bottled with a small amount of sugar (15g for each litre of wine produced). Non-Vintage Brut Champagnes are the most popular in the wide Champagne market.

These are a blend of wines from different vintages (the majority of the most recent harvest, supported by ‘reserve wines’ from previous years to keep the house style consistent year-on-year.

A Brut or Ultra-Brut bottling will hold around 12 – 20 grams of sugar added per litre, producing a sip which is dry, sharp, clean and full of bubbles. An Ultra-Brut bottle will contain even less sugar.
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