Our Top Bingeworthy Film Franchises If They Were Drinks

Now that we are very much in the middle of a lockdown and the end doesn’t seem to be coming soon, we are sure you have come close to finishing up everything you had on your list to do. You have probably watched that series on Netflix you’ve been meaning to watch since October 2016, definitely cleaned the house 7 times top to bottom and even managed to clean out the garage too.

However, we have gone to the trouble of rustling up some great film franchises for you to watch whilst you take a break from your cleaning and tune out the crazy world for a little bit. To make things more fun, we have paired them up with some of our favourite bottles that just go perfectly together, especially in your hand whilst you watch these!

1. Harry Potter

Let’s kick things off with something a little mystical, yes you are correct we are talking about Harry Potter and the incredible series of films released with Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and erm…Ron Weasley?

Whether you are planning an epic day of the whole series or spreading it across over a week, our Unicorn Tears Raspberry Gin Liqueur is the perfect match for your viewing pleasure. A drink made from mystical creatures own tears, this shimmery drink looks great in your glass (and Instagram too).


2. Rush Hour

Perhaps the best comedy action duo to ever grace our screens over the last 20 years, Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker’s on-screen antics are a perfect reason to forget the real world and allow yourself to laugh over three great films.

For a drink that complements this East meets West fusion, why not add some Effen Yuzu Citrus Vodka to your glass of lemonade to help you unwind and laugh your days inside away.


3. Fast and Furious

It is probably a bit ridiculous that the F&F series is still going but, who are we to complain? None of us will get bored of the likes of Vin Diesel, Dwayne The Rock Johnson, Michelle Rodrigues battling on-screen in high-intensity action-packed mission. So why not spend a whole day getting acquainted with all nine movies, guaranteed to take you through a rollercoaster of emotions!

To accompany your fast and furious movie marathon, why not make things even more exciting by adding one of the more fast and furious drinks out there, Wray and Nephew Overproof Rum and some Ting to keep things exciting.


4. The Godfather

A mafia film that was made to stand the test of time, we are pretty sure the Godfather series would blow any modern mafia film out the water ten times over and so spending your day watching these is a day well spent.

In the film, the Corleone family opt for a number of drinks but their choice of scotch throughout is iconic and is a symbol of luxury and grace. Why not join the mafia for a few hours and drink Johnnie Walker Blue Label with them?


5. James Bond

With a new Bond film coming out this year, it is probably a great time to catch up on everything we have missed with the rugged, no-nonsense secret agent.

Although the franchise has seen a number of actors give their own spin on 007, we’ve opted for Daniel Craig’s Casio Royale as a starting point for your marathon. The sexy atmosphere and the on-screen drama is one movie to stop you from being bored at any given moment.

Our chosen drink for this film franchise is the Roberto Cavalli Night Edition Vodka. The smooth vodka will have you sipping away from your glass whilst you cannot move your eyes from the screen.


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