November Brand of the Week: Rémy Martin

As one of the biggest producers of cognac, Rémy Martin has aeons of history and knowledge behind its brand; never failing to produce only the finest and luxurious cognac on the market.

The name Rémy Martin comes from the name of the company founder; a winegrower by trade, he expanded his horizons and created a trading house of cognac in 1724 . After his death in 1773, his grandson, also named Rémy, pursued the business. In 1841, Paul-Emile-Rémy Martin assumed control of the business and oversaw great growth. He added a logo to the bottles and cases, in the shape of a centaur, a mythological creature representing Sagittarius, Martin’s own zodiac sign.

Rémy Martin uses traditional distillation on the lees (retaining the sediments that occur during vinification of the grapes) in small copper stills. Ageing takes place in oak barrels of the Limousin type, during which the alcohol evaporates and blackens the walls of the cellars. The eau-de-vie slowly evolves over time, punctuated by periods of rest and changes of barrel. The exchanges between the wood, oxygen and the Eaux-de-vie are constant. Depending on which style is sought, cognac can age in young or old barrels, with a stronger or finer grain on the oak staves. Finally comes the blending of the different barrels to create a cognac.

The brand is now known for its quality and tradition in the important production process, get your own taste of the brand onsite here.

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