January Product of the month: Ketel One Botanicals

Flavoured Vodka has had a surge in popularity in recent years with new products hitting the alcohol market constantly, however, Ketel One Botanicals is a game-changer. Its almost criminal that it was left of the BBC Good Food list of the best-flavoured vodkas of 2019, as it is just as sophisticated in its production and taste as some of the entries on this list.

Ketel One has a proud heritage making vodka that’s great neat, on the rocks or in cocktails, and has constantly been innovative with their products. In that regard, Ketel One won an award for the “Most Trending Vodka” of 2015 by Drinks International. The Botanical Vodka series shows their innovation is very much alive within the Ketel One Brand.

For those on a flat stomach diet, you’ll be glad to know Ketel One Botanicals are made with no carbs, no added sugar, and is low on calories (73 calories per serving). Although they cannot make the claim that this is vegan-friendly vodka due to a lack of testing, it is only 30% in alcohol by volume.

Ketel One has proven that flavoured vodka can sit between the upmarket flavoured alcohol brands such as Chase and Ciroc, but not sink to using added sweeteners and sacrificing quality like Absolut Vodka, whilst being just as affordable. There is a unique variety of flavours that Ketel One provides in this new series of botanical vodkas including, Peach & Orange Blossom, Cucumber & Mint as well as Grapefruit & Rose.

Initially, you would think that flavoured vodka such as the Ketel One Botanicals would be overpowering and would spoil any cocktail you would try to make with it. That’s simply not the case, and a beautiful example is a fruit Vodka Martini made with The Ketel One Grapefruit and Rose Vodka.

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