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January Cocktail of the month: Black Daiquiri

The Black Daiquiri is the Tiki cocktail with a twist, that is easy to make for bartenders and your everyday rum enthusiast. You might think that rum-based cocktails couldn’t get any better than a classic daiquiri, however, this is one of those great cocktails that will make you think, “Why isn’t this in bars near me?”.

It’s more than a boozy summer cocktail such as strawberry daiquiri, the key difference is the use of dark or black rum as well as Demerara Sugar syrup. Demerara Sugar Syrup differs to white sugar syrup because of the use of Demerara sugar, also known as brown sugar, which gives it more of a caramel/toffee flavour.

With a smorgasbord of aged dark rums to choose from, it is important to pick something that is to your taste, has a good solid colour to it and will not be too over-powering when the syrup is added. We would recommend picking from Captain Morgan’s, Kraken or Gosling to help create your concoction.

Yet again, it’s easy to make, no need for all the expensive equipment, just a cocktail shaker and some crushed ice. Simply add all the ingredients into your shaker with some ice, shake and serve on ice in a glass.


  • 50ml (Double Shot) of your black aged rum of choice being either Kraken Black Rum or Gosling Black Seal Rum.
  • 15ml of Freshly squeezed Lime Juice
  • 15ml Demerara Syrup


  1. Mix all ingredients together and pour into a daiquiri glass.

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