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Introducing Ciroc from P.Diddy

He may be a university drop out, but by no means is he a failure with three Grammy awards, two MTV Video Music Awards, and in 2014 Forbes rated him the wealthiest figure in hip-hop at the time. Some of you may know him as Sean Combs, but most of you probably know him as P. Diddy.

Unlike your stereotypical vodka, Cîroc is different. You see, most vodkas are created through a distillation process deriving from grain such as Wheat, Rye and also Potatoes. Whereas Cîroc is uniquely made from French Grapes and distilled for a fifth time in the Distillerie de Chevanceaux in southwest France making it an ‘Ultra-Premium’ vodka, perhaps enjoyed by the more sophisticated vodka enthusiast.

So, you’re probably thinking, what exactly brings these two together? In fact, the entrepreneurial side of P. Diddy and Cîroc have both benefitted largely from collaboration, with P. Diddy becoming the face of Cîroc in recent times, promoting the brand. It has been suggested that the sales of Cîroc have increased 40 fold since the established partnership, and with an annual percentage of Cîroc’s profits, P. Diddy certainly has an incentive to promote the quality of their brand.

Cîroc certainly has substantially grown as a business over the past few years, and this success has most likely been partly fuelled by P. Diddy’s promotional efforts through his Instagram and other forms of media, but aside from promotion, they obviously have an extreme niche quality within the vodka market. Most recently, Cîroc will be launching a new cognac named Cîroc VS, Personally, I think Cîroc dabbling into the cognac market is a brilliant idea and no doubt there will be a huge demand for it here in the UK.

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