Introducing Bollinger at VIP Bottles

Introducing Bollinger; The champagne house from France to the VIP bottle range. Founded all the way back in the 18th century, Bollinger has become over the years one of the classiest and elite champagne brands around the globe.

Founded in 1829 in by Hennequin de Villermont, Paul Renaudin and Jacques Bollinger, the house continues to be run by members of the Bollinger family to ensure the brand is upheld and champagne tastes exquisite. They are self-confessed producers of great champagne with a powerful, sophisticated and complex style.

Not only specialising in champagne, Bollinger also owns over 150 hectares of vineyard producing over 60% of its own supply including the finest sparkling wines Grane Année and Vielle Vignes Françalses.

Bollinger 2011 Blanc De Noirs 007 Edition Champagne

This bottle can easily be classed as the most famous. Celebrating four decades as the official champagne of the James Bond franchise, this bottle oozes class and elegance. Not many champagne bottles can boast a story behind it, however, this is definitely an exception. Shop here.

Photo by Alyssa Powell via Business Insider

Bollinger Rose Champagne

This edition to Bollinger’s range delivers their trademarks fullness and complexity which includes the added tones of flavourous berries. The silky-smooth texture is champagne for any occasion. Shop here.

Photo by Bollinger via Facebook

Bollinger Special Cuvee Champagne

After blending, bottling and second fermentation the Special Cuvee is rested for. A minimum of three years to allow for aromatic complexity development. The classy tasting champagne is rich with fruit, honey undertones and rich in texture. Shop here.

Photo by Bollinger via Facebook


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