Prepare for Freshers Week with our hand picked selection of student friendly drinks!

Smirnoff Peach

Taste the deliciously ripe notes of Peach laced with subtle vanillas to create a vodka of pure refreshment and mouth-watering textures.

Bakewell Cherry & Almond

This English classic is sure to win your taste buds over. Distilled in the refreshing dales of England, Bakewell gin combines fine craftmanship from the early 18th century.

Bacardi Rum Punch

A combination of pineapple, orange, guava and passionfruit gives Bacardi Rum Punch a bold and unique profile that is both sweet and refreshing.

Sunset Very Strong Rum

Made with the luscious sugar canes of St. Vincent, Sunset offers a staggering 84.5% alc. of Caribbean brilliance.

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Luc Belaire Rose

A perfect harmony of aroma and taste, Luc Belaire Rose infuses sweet ripe strawberries and blackcurrants. A finessed bottle of beauty, the supple richness and texture makes it a true velvety finish.

E&J Vanilla

A heart-warming treat from one of Americas well-loved brandy distillers. A beautifully smooth brandy infused with luscious vanilla liqueur that is sweet and leaves warmth radiating over the palate

Jose Cuervo Silver

A unique craftsmanship and a balanced blend bring out tones of agave, caramel and fresh herbs to bring us a flavour profile that has become one of the best  around the world.

Tequila Rose

Exotic, unexpected and delicious. An unusual paring of tequila and strawberry liqueur has paved the way for bold innovation and has become the worlds most popular selling liqueur.