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Fight For Ireland: Jameson Vs Proper Twelve

With St Patrick’s Day being one of the biggest days of the month in March, we thought it was only right that we pay homage to some of Ireland’s finest exports, Jameson and Proper Twelve whiskey.

We put our directors head-to-head to see which reigned supreme and which you need on your shelf for this year’s St Paddy’s day.

Scroll down below to see their verdict.

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We will be critiquing the whiskies on 4 main criteria; design, smoothness, finish and what it mixes best with.


H: I’ll be fighting for Jameson and I have to say that the design for me resembles its heritage very well. It boldly shows off the colours of Ireland and the men holding barrels at the bottom shows how it was produced back when it first started.

P: Proper Twelve has my vote and the bottle design can definitely be described as thoughtful. Although the brand has taken inspiration from more established whiskey brands, the typography of Proper Twelve really helps the bottle stand out on any shelf.


H: It’s really smooth. I’ve been drinking whiskies for the past 5 years and this has still got to be one of my favourites. It’s always a personal preference on this but for me Jameson is a stand out for the price point.

P: Proper Twelve lacks a little in smoothness, but if you are like me and enjoy a little kick to your drink then it definitely does tick the box. There’s no point drinking without one really.


H: This is where for me it’s so smooth it’s easy to drink. I find scotch whiskies leave a harsh aftertaste but that’s fine it’s a 40% whisky after all. However, Jameson doesn’t give you that but rather gives you the problem of not knowing when to stop.

P: The best word to describe the flavour or taste left at the end of a sip is, sharp. Again, if you are someone looking for a bit of a kick to your drink then you will enjoy this finish more than most, although it is still delicate enough for a more neutral palette.

Best mixed with:

H: Most whisky connoisseurs would say straight or on the rocks or even with whisky cubes. I actually like mine with a dash of Schweppes soda water.

P: I’m sure many will look to mix their whiskeys with water or perhaps even a cola, however, I would recommend drinking this neat with a couple of ice cubes. Although the ice may take some of the flavours away from other drinks, it definitely does aid to taste all the flavours when it comes to Proper Twelve.


Winner: Jameson

Well there we have it, hopefully, we have made your St Patrick’s Day drink of choice even easier this year.

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