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Everything You Need To Know To Celebrate Burns’ Night

Burns Night is an evening dedicated to celebrating the work and memory of the great Scottish bard, Robert Burns. Burns lived between 1759 and 1796 and he is regarded as a pioneer of the Romantic movement. Soon after his death, he became a source of inspiration to the founders of both liberalism and socialism, cementing his importance and legacy across the world. 

From Russia to Canada, Australia to his home of Alloway, Burns’ reach is impressive and it would not be possible without his followers and fans regularly sharing and celebrating his work and memory. They managed to celebrate it so well, we are still celebrating it as a ‘national holiday’ in 2020! 

Now, down to the important bit. How do you host a true Burns Supper and which Scotch whiskies do you need to be drinking? 

There is a huge standing order for a traditional Burns Supper but let us paraphrase for you (if you would like the full details, you can find them here:

At the start, bagpipes are involved (of course) and the chair welcomes and greets all of the guests before the meal is served. The traditional meal involved the Scottish delicacy of Haggis and much more. You can see a good example of a meal below:


Traditional cock-a-leekie soup

Main course

Haggis, neeps & tatties 


Clootie Dumpling (a pudding prepared in a linen cloth or cloot) or Typsy Laird (a Scottish sherry trifle);

Cheeseboard with bannocks (oatcakes) and tea/coffee

And to drink? It’s often customary to douse the haggis with a splash of whisky sauce, which, with true Scots understatement, is neat whisky.


After the meal, it’s time for connoisseurs to compare notes on the wonderful selection of malts served by the generous chair.

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