Everything You Need To Know About Ciroc White Grape

The image of a brushed gold Ciroc bottle appeared in our Instagram feeds not too long ago and ever since, the hype for Ciroc’s latest offering, White Grape has been the focus of much hype for vodka and ciroc lovers around the world. This week, we saw the release of Ciroc White Grape in the US, although it seems only a small number of places are currently stocking the drink with reviews at a minimum at the time of writing this blog. We know that Ciroc White Grape is coming very soon to VIP Bottles, but to wet your appetite, here is what we know about the newest Limited Edition flavour so far.


For those who may not know, Ciroc is known for its unique process of creation, which heavily relies on grapes. So when the White Grape flavour was quietly rolled out, the first question on most people’s minds is whether it is actually going to taste any different to the classic Blue Dot. If we were to go off more recent flavours such as Summer Watermelon and Black Raspberry, it is fair to say that Ciroc would not just bring out another version of something they have, most (including us) expect White Grape to be sweeter and smoother than its Blue Dot counterpart.


The new drink comes in a bottle that looks like it was designed to sit under your Christmas tree. A brushed gold finish that boasts a standout gold orb, even if you aren’t a big vodka fan, you are going to want this on your shelf this winter season.


We have been told by a little birdy that this smooth, sweet new Ciroc could quite easily be enjoyed on the rocks but we would recommend mixing with one of the below options. Mix with Canada Dry and Grape Juice to give your Ciroc White Grape a bit of an edge Embrace the sweetness by mixing Ciroc White Grape with lemonade and a wedge of lime.

Ciroc White Grape is now available here

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