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Ever Heard of a Boozy Sweet Tooth?

Of course, you have, some of you may even be guilty of possessing one. But it’s all good, we are actually here to celebrate National Dessert Day in the only way we know how: a roundup of our favourite Boozy Bakery recipes from 2019. Scroll down for the full list and be careful not to drool too much on your phone or laptop.

Royal Apple Crumble

This has to be one of our favourite recipes ever, it was definitely made with the colder months in mind, especially when we need to be just that little bit warmer. Featuring Crown Royale Apple Whiskey and a shed load of custard, you already know you are in for a treat. Click here to read the full recipe.

Cinna-Sugar Pancakes

First featured in March, we are bringing these pancakes back to the table (get it?) for this year’s National Dessert Day purely because of how simple and effective they are. Use Smirnoff’s Cinna-Sugar Twist for the added sweetness and to make this dish for adults-only. Click here to read the full recipe.

Raspberry Chambord Squares

This recipe is great for parties and entertaining as you can cut it up into as many squares as you need. Enjoyed best as an after-meal treat or with a cup of tea, the crumbly pastry and gooey raspberry filling will have you licking your lips all evening. Seeing as only a tablespoon of Chambord is needed, you could probably get away with having a few of these. Click here for the full recipe.


Baileys Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake

Yes, you heard right, a cake that’s laced with caramel liqueur that is only ever meant to be consumed by adults, after all, you deserve it. Now that we are over the crazy time of the year we call summer, it is definitely okay for us to focus on chocolate, cake and everything in between. This recipe will have your family fighting for the last slice. Made with a winter classic, Baileys, this may even get you into the Christmas spirit! Click here for the full recipe.

Smirnoff Jam Donuts

Nostalgic and seriously fun to eat, Smirnoff Jam Donuts have to be the hero recipe from our whole collection. It has been adopted by many since our posting and continues to boast just the right amount of Smirnoff and sugar, leaving your taste buds wanting more. But don’t listen to us, get making this recipe now! Click here for the full recipe.

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