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Dead Or Alive, These Are The 5 Drinks You Need At Your Halloween Party


We get it, as soon as October comes around; most of us are already planning on how we are going to be ending the month in style at the ultimate Halloween party. From the Harambe outfits to the classic Ghostbusters, we are here for a good Halloween costume but more importantly, what drinks you have to be taking to this year’s Halloween Haunt. Scroll down for our top picks for this month’s ghostly event

Crystal Head Aurora

You already know where we are going with this. There is nothing more ghoulish than vodka that is housed in the most incredible skull-shaped bottle. Our product of the month is 5 times distilled and filtered 7 times through diamonds, giving the cleanest and richest taste possible. Drink this and it will look great on your drinks shelf before and after. Shop now.


Viniq is the essential Instagram-friendly liquor you need at your next party. From the first sip, peach, citrus and sweet Moscato wine are the first flavours onto the palette with the tartness of the berries punching through towards the end. Mix this with Luc Belaire for the greatest magic potion cocktail you have ever had. Shop now.

Old Curiosity Apothecary Rose Gin

Old Curiosity knows how to brew a magical gin and here is A romantic companion to any tonic this delightful spirit is subtle in fragrance and naturally floral in flavour. Expect to be wowed with one of the most unique, colour-changing gins on the market. Get into the Halloween spirit and make your own wonderful cocktails this month. Shop now.

Ciroc White Grape

Perfect for the cooler months, Ciroc White Grape’s standout brushed gold bottle will add a bit of sparkle to your drinks shelf. Mix with your favourite spirit to create a fresh and sweet cocktail, no need for any more trick or treating. Shop now.


Bacardi Rum Punch

Less time mixing, more time drinking. Take Bacardi’s tropical pre-mixed Rum Punch to your Halloween party and let your dance moves do all the talking. A combination of pineapple, orange, guava and passionfruit gives Bacardi Rum Punch a bold and unique profile that is both sweet and refreshing. Put a little paper umbrella in your glass and you’ll be living your best life. Shop now.


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