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David Beckham & Haig Club Are Making Whisky Cool To The Masses

Image of David Beckham holding a whiskey glass filled with Haig Clubs whiskey. The imaged is accompanied by text which reads Haig Club, Welcome

Between us, David Beckham is basically the epitome of cool right? From his numerous hairstyles to his silky moves on the football pitch, this man never seems to age and is consistently cool. It is no surprise then that his collaboration with Haig Club is another step in the same direction, except this time he is trying to help us all look cooler.

The story of Haig Club (link this to precedes Beckham’s career and life as it was John Haig who created the whisky in his name from an innovative distillery in Cameronbridge, becoming one of the first scotch whiskies to ever be produced. Now owned by Diageo, The Haig distillery is still very much operating and is producing the brand’s modern and incredibly cool iteration, Haig Club.


A self-confessed newbie to whisky, David Beckham and Haig’s philosophy is to bring whisky to the masses and introduce the intricacies of scotch whisky to a younger, cooler crowd that perhaps are usually drinking vodka and gin.

The standout blue bottle and unique shape certainly take quite a large diversion from the standard whisky bottles we are used to seeing on the shelves (think Johnnie Walker and Glenmorangie) but by doing so, Haig Club is creating a new line for themselves in a somewhat crowded market.

Haig Club’s Single Grain whisky is the whisky for the party-goers, the clubbers and the cocktail drinkers. Some whisky connoisseurs may be disgusted at the way in which Haig is encouraging their spirit to be drunk, yet its popularity and growth into a global brand have shown just how many people you can reach and how many stories you can tell through a versatile drink.

To show just how versatile this whisky is, we have picked out one of the most incredible cocktails Haig recommend: The Haig Club Green Tea & Grain

Taking a bit of an East meets West approach, this cocktail helps to highlight the gentle flavours of the Single Grain whisky with Green Tea. Take a look at the ingredients and instructions below to make your own


  • 50ml Haig Club
  • 20ml cold-brewed green tea
  • Two dashes orange blossom water
  • Hand-crushed ice


  1. Add all ingredients into a cocktail shaker and mix
  2. Pour into a tumbler and garnish with an orange twist

Try the whisky for yourself and get your own bottle of Haig Club here (link to product)

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