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Courvoisier VSOP

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A mature and delicate balance of oak and exotic flavours make VSOP the godfather of all cognacs. The silky smooth and flavourful character of VSOP have made it iconic within hip hop culture. Peach, oak and jasmine are delicately blended to give a truly classic tasting cognac.Rise to fame with the legend that is Courvoisier. The cognac renowned for its finesse, depth and aroma. Courvoisier is the perfect choice. Commonly seen in the hands of artists like P.Diddy and Pharrell the sublime flavourings will awaken your senses and elevate you to stardom.

VIP Bottles Recommendation:

Mixer: Neat or over ice


  • 2.5cl Courvoisier vsop
  • ginger ale
  • orange slice for garnish


Fill a glass with ice and pour in the cognac then top up with the ginger ale and then garnish.

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