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Cocktail Of The Month: VIP’s White Russian

Though its origins have nothing to do with Russia, a White Russian is so aptly named due to the contents mainly consisting of vodka. Dedicated for those who enjoy the coffee taste yet aren’t so delicate to be satisfied with an Espresso Martini – needing a stronger kick/pick-me-up.

Helped to the popularity of The Dude’s continual obsession with the cocktail throughout ‘The Big Lebowski’, this cocktail has all of the makings of something just odd enough to be considered damn right sophisticated.

Simple yet classic, if you’re ever unsure what to drink, you can’t go wrong with a White Russian. Made from just three ingredients, the hardest thing you’ll have to do is learn to layer for that aesthetically pleasing tie-dye effect. Even if it does take you 4 hours and dozens of failed attempts, the end result will be worth it and Instagram-worthy.

How to make a White Russian –


  • 60ml Absolut vodka
  • Two tbsp Kahlúa
  • One tbsp cream


  1. Mix the Absolut Vodka, Kahlua and some ice cubes in a small tumbler.
  2. Pour into a short glass which contains a few ice cubes.
  3. Ever so slowly and gently, top up with cream.

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