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Cocktail of the Month – Baileys Red Velvet Martini

If you haven’t heard about Bailey’s Red Velvet iteration you have to have been living under a rock. The flavour, first released in the US, has been knocking about in the run-up to Christmas and we were able to get our hands on some bottles before Christmas too!

The brand has collaborated with popular gourmet bakery, Georgetown Cupcakes whom are a DC-based company and have been given the freedom to add their sweet twist on a classic drink. It is fair to say, this match was made in heaven and the bottle has gone down a treat amongst drinkers on both sides of the pond!

Due to the popularity of the drink, it was only right we showed you how to mix it into the perfect cocktail you can enjoy all month and with your loved one this Valentine’s Day.

Follow the recipe below for the ultimate Bailey’s Red Velvet Martini and enjoy 10% off your Bailey’s Red Velvet order when you use code COM10 at the checkout!


  • 50ml Ciroc French Vanilla (You could opt for a different flavour vodka or a plain vodka. We found the vanilla really gives this cocktail an extra something special)
  • 50ml Baileys Red Velvet Cupcake


  1. Take your martini glass and dip rim into some melted white chocolate
  2. Let white chocolate rim cool before pouring the spirits
  3. Pour 50ml of Bailey’s Red Velvet into the glass
  4. Add in 50ml of Ciroc French Vanilla too
  5. No need to stir, shake or mix. Just serve and enjoy!

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