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Celebrate The ‘Water Of Life’ This National Vodka Day

The word vodka stems from the Russian word, vodka, which means water. Rarely consumed outside of Europe before the Second World War, vodka would eventually draw many hard liquor fans with its flavourless and versatile appeal.

The birthdate of vodka is pegged at around the 12th century. Made initially for medical purposes, it wasn’t until the 1350s that the drink gained a reputation for its intoxicating properties.

Today, vodka is made from many different things such as beets, potatoes, wheat and even grapes like Ciroc.

To celebrate our favourite spirit, we have put together our top 5 vodkas and why you need to add them to your drinks’ shelf.

Ciroc Black Raspberry

Ciroc Black Raspberry is delicately infused with fresh berries and subtle vanilla resulting in a taste experience that is lusciously different and elegantly smooth. Housed in a sleek midnight black bottle, there is no doubt it will stand out from the crowd. Ciroc is one of the most luxurious and well-known vodka brands in the world and for good reason. The grape-derived five-times distilled vodka comes with one of the cleanest and crisp tastes on the market. You’re missing out if you haven’t already bought a bottle. Shop now

Smirnoff Iced Cake

Got a sweet tooth? Smirnoff Iced Cake vodka delivers a sweet tone in both taste and aroma from beginning till end. Smirnoff Iced Cake vodka derives its flavour from vanilla buttercream cake, therefore it is a must-have classic spirit for every occasion. Smirnoff is triple distilled giving it a supple clarity and clear smoothness. A world-renowned name in infamy and stardom you can’t go wrong with a bottle of Smirnoff’s finest. Shop now

Effen Blood Orange

Next, we take a look at Effen’s Blood Orange vodka. Owned by rapper, actor and producer 50 Cent, Effen continues to push the boundaries of flavoured vodka in the premium market.

The 5-time distilled vodka infuses the citrusy notes of blood orange to give it a truly aromatic and taste sensation. Velvety smooth, Effen also infuses subtle hints of vanilla to sweeten the warm character of blood orange. Add a little zest in your life with this vodka. Shop now.

Crystal Head

One for the Halloween shopping list, our Crystal Head vodka fuses the best in design and vodka production to reach the pinnacle of luxury. Crystal Head’s vodka delivers a 5-time distilled taste sensation of wheat and glacial water. Smooth and distinctive Aurora explores a drier, bolder and spicier vodka experience. Filtered 7 times through diamonds, you can expect an expensive taste when you pour this out. Get your hands on the bottle designed for pure spirit in mind and vodka designed for purity at heart you’re sure to experience a truly beautiful tasting vodka. Shop now.

Ocean Organic Vodka

Our August brand of the month and one of our newest brands, Ocean Organic Vodka brings us luxury from tropical paradise Maui. Dedicated to helping you create long-lasting memories with those you adore. Using quality ingredients come from nurtured Earth, this is zen in a bottle, a beautifully crafted spherical bottle that would stand out in any drinks shelf. Forget yoga, this is all you need to both reach enlightenment or to lower your stress levels as the doctor ordered. Shop now.


Want to know more? Discover our full vodka range here.

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