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Step up your game with Moët Ice

If you don’t celebrate getting through the week with some champagne, you’re missing out on the important aspects of general life. Typically considered a drink for special occasions, those who truly follow the ‘YOLO’ motto make sure that every day is a special occasion; in these circumstances, why not also incorporate life’s luxuries into your […]

Product Of The Month: Smirnoff Watermelon

Move over Ciroc, you have got some sturdy competition this summer. (Re)introducing Smirnoff’s refreshing Watermelon vodka. A world-renowned name in infamy and stardom you can’t go wrong with a bottle of Smirnoff’s finest. Triple distilled and infused with ripe juicy watermelons, you can guarantee a subtle sweetness and a perfect base for those summer cocktails. […]

The Season of Strawberries and Cream: Wimbledon 2019

We have truly been blessed this summer with a whole host of sporting events that are as tantalising as the drinks we like to consume whilst watching them. With the Cricket World Cup in full swing, this month we turn our attention to London’s biggest annual sporting event, Wimbledon 2019. The tennis championships themselves are […]

Soju: The popular Korean spirit you have probably never heard of

In an age of information and any part of the world feeling obtainable (even virtually), the fact many of us may not have heard of or tasted Soju is baffling, to say the least. This flavourless clear spirit originates from Korea and is traditionally made from rice. It is around 20% in alcohol volume and […]

The Origins of Flavoured Vodka

The origin of modern vodka can be attributed to Poland and Russia; these two countries are in a, what may seem never-ending, dispute as to the creator of this iconic spirit. Historically, the first record of vodka production comes from 9th century Russia; the name came from the Russian word “voda”, which translates into “water”. […]

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