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October Cocktail of the Month: Bloody Mary

We can’t promise that if you have three of these, an apparition won’t appear in the mirror, but we can guarantee that your desire for the perfect Halloween cocktail to quench your thirst will be thoroughly satiated. Origins Born thanks to the Russian Revolution; around 1920, émigrés escaping to Paris brought with them their most […]

Dead Or Alive, These Are The 5 Drinks You Need At Your Halloween Party

We get it, as soon as October comes around; most of us are already planning on how we are going to be ending the month in style at the ultimate Halloween party. From the Harambe outfits to the classic Ghostbusters, we are here for a good Halloween costume but more importantly, what drinks you have […]

Celebrate The ‘Water Of Life’ This National Vodka Day

The word vodka stems from the Russian word, voda, which means water. Rarely consumed outside of Europe before the Second World War, vodka would eventually draw many hard liquor fans with its flavourless and versatile appeal. The birthdate of vodka is pegged at around the 12th century. Made initially for medical purposes, it wasn’t until […]

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