Remy Martin Cognac



Created in 1724, in the Cognac region of France, Remy Martin is the only leading cognac distiller who specialise in the production of Champagne Cognac.

From their best-selling bottles such as the Remy Martin XO and Remy Martin VSOP Cognac, to limited-edition releases including Remy Martin Louis XIII Baccarat Crystal Cognac, we stock them all here at VIP Bottles. Available in miniature 5cl, 70cl and Gift Set editions.

Aged in oak barrels and distilled for lengthy periods of time, every bottle of Remy Martin Cognac is made by frequently changing barrels to restore the aromatic intensity and flavours within.

A highly sought-after cognac, Remy Martin pride themselves in collaborating with renowned figures including musician Usher and Michelin-Star Chef Jean-François Piége.
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