Monkey Shoulder Whisky



Monkey Shoulder is a blended malt whisky designed to be the perfect spirit base for cocktails and mixed drinks, becoming a firm favourite among top bartenders and casual drinkers alike since its 2005 launch.

There are currently two editions of Monkey Shoulder, the original Blended Malt Whisky and the seriously peated Smokey Monkey Whisky, both available to buy at VIP Bottles.

Produced by whisky giants William Grant & Sons, Monkey Shoulder Whisky is made with a blend of single malts from three of Speyside’s most revered distilleries: The Balvenie, Glenfiddich, and Kininvie.

The brand’s unique name refers to an old injury that used to afflict distillery workers, as crouching down and lifting heavy equipment all day caused such strain that their arms would hang low like a monkey’s.

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