Havana Club Rum



Havana Club Rum embodies the rich heritage, vibrant culture and passion for elite spirits that defines its native Cuba, produced by the leading Maestros del Ron Cubano.

The full Havana Club range is available to buy online at VIP Bottles, including white, gold, spiced and dark rums and the new Havana Club x Skepta collaboration.

Established in Cárdenas, Cuba in 1934, Havana Club follows centuries-old wisdom and production techniques passed down between revered Maestros Roneros (Rum Masters) who orchestrate every step of the Havana Club process.

The Havana Club range comprises a wide breadth of styles and tastes, from a light 3 Year Old which is perfect for rum cocktails to rare aged expressions and collaborations with cultural icons like Skepta and Pigalle.

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