Haig Club Whisky



Haig Club is a single grain Scotch Whisky that has rejected tradition in favour of a modern, suave, and stylish approach – so much so that David Beckham became a partner of the brand in 2014.

Haig Club is available to buy online here at VIP Bottles, including the classic Haig Club Original, Haig Clubman, and the Mediterranean Orange flavoured edition.

Haig Club is named after its founder, John Haig, who registered the company in 1824 after buying the Cameronbridge distillery which is still used to create his whisky nearly 200 years later.

Cameronbridge is the largest grain distillery in Europe and also claims (to some dispute) to be the oldest. It is in this mammoth distillery that Haig Club Whisky is produced from premium single grain cereals which are fermented, distilled, matured in flavour-rich ex-bourbon barrels, and finally bottled in iconic blue glass whisky bottles.

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