Brand of the Week: Firebox

Proudly distilled in England and infused with iridescent glitter, Unicorn Tears is widely known to help make your dreams come true from freshly sourced ingredients from free-range unicorns and a closely-guarded and completely animal-friendly extraction process. Created by Firebox in a secret location, Unicorn Tears is the perfect gift or pay-day treat to yourself.

But it does not stop there for unique and crazy gift producer Firebox, as they now have a Phoenix Tears spiced rum too! For this unique concoction, Firebox has bottled the fantastical beast’s sorrowful syrup and produced this legendary elixir so that you too can invoke all of their extraordinary magic.

Like its fabled stablemate Unicorn Tears Gin, their closely-guarded extraction methods will remain a mystery for now. They have the mixed their tears into a premium Caribbean Rum carrying aromas of brown sugar and dried fruit blended with natural cinnamon and ginger to give it a sweet and spicy flavour. It’s the missing mythical ingredient in your liquor cabinet.

Get your hands on these bottles here and impress your friends during party season.

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