Boë Gin is our Brand of the Month

Enjoy award-winning Scottish Boë Gin with £2.50 off their range of beautiful flavoured gins.  

Distilled using handmade solid copper pot stills in the village of Thorsk, Scotland, The House of Boë crafts gins of exceptional quality, with a focus on vibrant and creative flavours which inspires home mixologists to think beyond the Gin & Tonic.

Boë’s base gin is distilled with a blend of organic botanicals including coriander, angelica, ginger, orris root, citrus peels, liquorice, almonds, and cubeb berries.

Lucious Liqueurs 

After popular releases including vibrant Violet gin, exotic passion fruit gin and tangy apple & lime gin, Boë created a range of gin liqueurs in even more experimental and creative flavours, including their unique Scottish Bramble Gin Liqueur.  

Vibrant Vodkas

Boë’s range has further expanded with a range of flavour-packed vodkas, from tropical blue Azzura, sweet White Chocolate & Raspberry and bold Dark Fruits. These distinctive sips work as both shots and bases for vibrant cocktails

Berry Nice Alcohol-Free Ciders

The latest additions to the Smashed range are a traditional English apple cider and a berry-infused flavoured cider – brewed traditionally with alcohol removed as the final step. These ciders are authentically refreshing!

Boë Gin Facts

Award-Winning Sips

Boë has won a wealth of awards across the industry, including Gold at International Wines & Spirits & Gold at the Scottish Gin Awards

Inspired by Gin’s OriGIN Story

Boë gin is named after Franz De La Boë, who invented gin in 1658 (well, he was the first person to combine juniper berries with alcohol – genius move!)

Pure Scottish Vodka

Boë’s flavoured vodkas are filtered four times for exceptional smoothness & purity

Perfect Serve – The Sazboe Violette

Stand Out from the crowd with Boë Gin – try Boë’s vibrant floral violet gin in a Sazboe Violette.

You Will Need:


Add cubed ice to the bottom of a large hiball glass.

Add the Boë Violet Gin and port, stir

Top with pink soda and garnish with a fan of thinly sliced apple