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Brand of the Month: Luc Belaire

Established in 1898, Luc Belaire’s wine-making capabilities have truly stood the test of time, we are talking a number of wars, huge changes in weather and agriculture as well as the wine and spirit landscape. But there are sixth-generation connoisseurs continue to produce some of the best and most luxurious sparkling wines out of France.

The Rare Rosé, from the heart of Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur, is native to the most famous rosé winemaking region in the world. The Luxe and Gold cuvées, pressed from 100% French Chardonnay, are made in Burgundy, one of the world’s most celebrated and historic wine territories.

It’s not just the name on everyone’s lips for its exclusive black bottles.

Boasting a collection of sparkling wines befitting the modern-day princess, tsarina or self-proclaimed blue blood. Originating from some of France’s finest winemaking regions, it is the epitome of elegance, grace and class. VIP’s range caters to a wide range of tastes stocking their Brut, Gold, Fantôme, Luxe, Rare Rosé and variety of others that are equally as fit for a queen.

From their Belaire Rosé which is a sweet concoction of strawberries and blackcurrants, to their more recently launched Belaire Fantôme that combines apricot, brioche and honeysuckle, you will definitely be spoilt for choice.

With alluring yet eco-friendly package – the design is enough to put an English rose to shame – and an authentic French heritage going back six generations, Luc Belaire has perfectly closed the gap between traditional champagnes and trending proseccos and cavas.

Championed by the likes of Rick Ross, DJ Khaled and a slew of hip-hop celebrities and royalty, this is not just a drink for the hype beats but also those looking for a truly luxurious taste of France.

What are you waiting for? Throw your own Met Gala party fit for royals today.

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