Bourbon is a type of American Whiskey made primarily from Corn. The whiskey is most commonly associating with Kentucky and Tennessee. 


Formed in the latest 1700’s, Bourbon was the cheapest liquor to buy for the good people of Kentucky and Tennessee. Made from a mash of grain, yeast and water, bourbon must have a minimum of 51% corn.

To this day around 95% of bourbon is still produced in the US state of Kentucky with brands such as Wild Turkey and Buffalo Trace have years of expertise and craftmanship in the whisky.


Due to the price of Bourbon being cheaper than imported liquors in America, the popularity of the drink began to grow and grow to the point it today has become one of the world’s most famous whiskies. 


Bourbon is cancelled! Passing the 18th Amendment, The US congress prohibited the manufacture and sale of alcohol. The majority of bourbon distilleries were closed and only few came back. 


After a whirlwind of a time and having the manufacture and sale of alcohol becoming legal again, in 1964, Bourbon was branded as Americas Native Spirit.


Bourbon is still today one of the worlds most favourite Whisky’s. With brands such as Jack Daniels creating a whole range of bourbon and Wild Turkey coming up with different bourbon concoctions, it is the most celebrated drink world-wide.

Jack Daniels Whiskey Bourbon