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December Issue - Zing Red Velvet Vodka

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Zing Red Velvet Vodka

A lot of premium vodkas are the same aren’t they? You look at them online or in the shops and they claim to be distilled duo-decuple times through a careful distilling process, brand it slightly differently and charge a premium price for it. However beginning a partnership with award-winning entertainer Chris Brown, naming him Creative Director for the premium alcohol brand, Zing (Red Velvet) is a vodka I believe has really stepped aside from its competition and let me tell you why.

Firstly, lets talk about the design. It is an elegant looking tall bottle with a frosted glass design with hints of red apparent, linking well to the name of red velvet. After having the bottle a few hours already thinking it was something quite unique, I discovered that there is a red light that can be activated from a button underneath the bottle, made to ‘light up the bottle while serving’. Wow. In fact this is so unique, a patent has been put in by Zing Spirits for this sophisticated LED technology that illuminates the bottle. It is something that will definitely be novel and catch the eye of others at a party or with friends.

The light at the bottom of the bottle is a cool feature but after a while can be relatively difficult to control which setting it is on, and to turn it off, although this may just have been my bottle.

Next, lets talk about the taste. Zing Red Velvet is a super premium vodka, distilled a modest four times made from a blend of corn and wheat grains in America, New York. It has been described as including Cherry, Vanilla and Cocoa notes by Zing themselves. Several different friends and myself found the vodka to have a smell and taste of, ‘Baileys’, ‘Vanilla’, and ‘Cupcakes’, arguably with a ‘Zing’ of vodka after, albeit very smooth and not the sharp kick you might experience from cheap night club or bar vodka. A close friend of mine described it as, ‘the best vodka I have ever tasted’ which is quite something by his standards.

I also tried the vodka as part of a cocktail, which worked really well. If you want to try it for yourself, put a handful of strawberries in a blender and blend until smooth. Put 50ml (or roughly two shot glasses) of Red Velvet Zing vodka in a glass, squeeze some fresh lemon juice into the vodka, add the blended strawberries and top up with cream soda (this can be found in most UK Supermarkets). Delicious.

Overall, Zing has really accomplished something unique here, and has left me wanting another bottle of the stuff. I’m sure there will be an excuse to use it with friends and family with it being a festive time of year…


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