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Crystal Head Vodka- Creepy or Rock ‘n Roll?


This has got to be the most awesome yet goose bumping liquor bottle you have ever seen. The top drink has garnered multiple awards not just for its incredible tasting spirit, but most of all for its skull-shaped bottle.

This premium drink originated from St. John’s Newfoundland, Canada and was created by Blues Brother Dan Aykroyd and artist John Alexander. Aykroyd is a Hollywood actor who famously took part in the TV series Ghostbusters! It made a landslide entrance in America last 2008, selling 1 million bottles faster than other expensive vodkas. It was introduced to the UK market in June 2011 distributed under Global Brands before it was officially taken by Instil Drinks in July 2013.

While some may hypothesise that the skull design was inspired by the Canadian actor’s involvement in Ghostbusters, the true story is much creepier and full of depth than what meets the eye. These glistening bottles are modelled on a thousand year old controversial set of crystal skulls created by ancient Mesoamericans and are believed to have supernatural powers. Others even claim that these hold the history of the entire universe.

Despite its mystifying look, the spirit itself has a taste that has drawn thousands of alcohol lovers worldwide. Many love its strong punch with a hint of citrus. The award-winning drink is created from Canadian corn and goes through four distillation processes and is blended with glacial melt-water from the island of St. John. It is then filtered seven times through semi-precious crystals, including three through Herkimer diamond stones.

If you feel like incorporating it into great tasting cocktails, why not check out these signature recipes from the Crystal Head Vodka website; Red Tempest, That’s the Spirit, Crystal Clear and The Crystal Cosmo?

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