Best Wines for Xmas Day/Dinner

A close up of two bottles of wine with a christmas themed background

Christmas day is 24 hours of pure indulgence; VIP knows that this is one of the most important days of the year and nothing less than perfection is acceptable. That’s why we’re here to help you ensure the Michelin star quality you deserve.

Birthday Cake Cheesecake Wine 75cl | 11% | £19.99

Dinner was just delightful but if you want your guests to leave with a warm glow then dessert will be the decider. Birthday Cake Vineyards’ exquisite cheesecake flavoured white wine will not disappoint; infused with exquisite flavours of sweet cream and subtle notes of citrus fruits, this wine is made with the finest French grapes and is deliciously smooth and delicate in flavour. Give Christmas day the luxurious finale you deserve.

Pyros Barrel Selected 2015 Malbec 75cl | 14.50% | £17.99

A delicious red wine that infuses you with light and warm; Pyros Barrel Selected Malbec 2015 has a unique flavour of fresh berries and marmalade, whilst fresh and delicate – this red wine still maintains a complexity that is sure to leave a lingering flavour on your tongue. Nothing else will compare.

Trastullo Vino Rosso 2015 Wine 75cl | 13% | £9.99

Jam-packed with enchanting hints of cherries and plum, this velvety sweet bottle of red is everything you need to imbue your Christmas dinner with sensuality. This Italian red is hypnotically inviting, well-structured and a must-have to make your Christmas extra special.

Luc Belaire Rose Fantome Sparkling Wine 1.5L | 12.50% | £54.99

All the benefits of Luc Belaire Rose but with a bit more attitude. Not just any old bottle of fizz, this bottle of sparkling wine is here to help your Christmas start with a bang. The simple class midnight black bottle design is instantly more glamorous with a simple click of a button at the base of the label, causing neon pink lights to appear. Infinite style and elegance in just one bottle.

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