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Best Wines for Hosting Parties

A close up of two bottles of wine with a christmas themed background

Are you planning to host a party this festive season? Looking to impress your friends and family with your knowledge of wines? We have got you covered! Scroll down for our top wine picks for hosting this winter.

Luc Belaire Luxe 1.5L

Rich, sweet and smooth Luc Belaire Luxe combines apricot, honeysuckle and brioche making this a stunning addition to the Belaire range. This bottle will provide your whole party with more than just a glass for the evening. Expect Luc Belaire to bring the glitz and glam to your party.

Pyros Barrel Selected Malbec 

A Red wine that imbues light and warmth this is Pyros Barrel Selected Malbec 2015. Indulge the distinguishable fruity character of fresh berries and marmalade; with a fresh and delicate complexity, this red is sure to leave a lingering flavour that is unmistakably delicious.

Portia Ebeia 

It is time to treat the palate to a delicious red, with Portia Ebeia. This Spanish red wine has an elegant approach and a sensational red fruit structure that goes down easy. With powerful red fruits and hints of spice this 4-month aged old wine is the perfect accompaniment to an evening meal or that special occasion.

Trastullo Blanco

The nose has a fine, fruity and delicate aroma, whilst the palate is dry, fresh with gentle floral notes. Made with delicate chardonnay grapes this luscious wine is simply sensational and the perfect accompaniment to any meal or party.

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