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A Guide To Your Freshers Essentials

Freshers are probably the most exciting part about starting University (and as we are sure you will learn, the highlight of every consequential year too). You have moved out of home, perhaps to a new city and ready to start a new chapter with new friends.

Nobody can deny that Freshers is a social event, more about finding the nearest bar and less where exactly the library might be. Although we may not be able to help you with your studies, we can give you an insight into what drinks you will need to be taking with you to ensure you become the talk of the dorms straightaway.

Discover our Freshers Essential bottles below and let us know which one you will be packing in your suitcase.

Grey Goose Vanilla

One of the most luxurious french vodkas on the market, impress your new friends with your knowledge of flavoured vodkas and perfect mixes when you make them a Vanilla Passion with orange juice, lemon juice and a whole passionfruit

Luc Belaire Rosé

Join the likes of Rick Ross and DJ Khaled as the new member of #blackbottleboys or #blackbottlegirls and educate your new friends on the delicacy that is Luc Belaire. Perfect on it’s own or mixed in with a shimmery liquor like Viniq, also available online now.

Image result for luc belaire rose

Unicorn Tears Gin

There ain’t nothing like sipping on Gin & Juice, give your night out a twist with our Unicorn Tears flavoured gins, guaranteed to help you make new friends all night long.

Patron XO Café

Singalong to your favourite Mist or T-Pain songs as you all goes round for round with Patrón. Tequila with a kick, you won’t have to worry about yawning on the dancefloor.

Image result for patron xo cafe

Be the person everyone wants at their predrinks by placing your order now before it’s too late! Don’t let someone else steal the limelight. It’s your time to shine.

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