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A Celebration Of Everything Rosé

Pictures of multiple glasses of Rose taken from above. Colours are light pink.

Since it’s Rosé day, it is only right to celebrate everything to do with the drink. The drink originated in Greece and has recently been looked down, even being branded as cheap and tacky. However, some brands have bought back the drink to its former glory and lucky for you, we stock a number of them!

Rose’s appeal is now international and along with it the production of the pink wine too. From France’s Loire Valley to Lake Marin and Napa in California, Rose production is a big hit all over.

That being said, do you know how Rose is made? Contrary to public opinion, Rose is actually made from red wine grapes, making it no surprise that the best Rose comes from the regions that have also absolutely nailed red wine too.

Whether they use a Pinot Noir grape or a Syrah grape, the main difference between red wine and Rose comes during the fermentation process. For red wine, the grapes are left to ferment alongside the grape skins, vines and seeds. This gives the wine a really rich colour and profile. However, when it comes to Rose, the ‘must’ (the combination of skins, vines and seeds) is taken out much earlier in the process. So, if you see a really dark Rose you know it has been fermented for much longer than a paler one.

There are two other methods for producing Rose but the above is the most common method. But let’s get on to the fun stuff. Our favourite Roses!

Scroll down to get familiar with our favourite pink-tinged wines including Luc Belaire, La Belle Etoile and Laurent-Perrier.

Luc Belaire Rose

Now we all know the name Belaire, we all know the level of class it has. The Luc Belaire Rose is loaded with sweet red foods grown from the ground flavours, with smoothness and long, sleek completion.

Described as ‘one-of-a-kind; the Rosé is rich, lively pink shading in colour and drastically excellent.

An exquisite sense of taste of strawberry and blackcurrant brings you about an immaculate mix of invigorating yet not very sweet

Wolftrap Rosé

Founded in 1776, the distinctive label references these historical origins and represents the seven members of the owner-syndicate – seven chairs in a row, each one an individual variation of traditional Cape Dutch style.

The rosé itself is a beautifully bright pink colour with pungent fruity flavours of red berries and a touch of spice. Smooth and round on the palate with balanced natural acidity.

A refreshing wine with a mouth-watering finish and is great not only as a drink but also as a wine to be used in food recipes.

Laurent-Perrier Rosé                                                 

A fine bead and an elegant colour the Cuvée Rosé Laurent-Perrier’s colour evolves gently from a pretty raspberry tint to a hint of salmon. In this colour range, the brightest is pink with subtle shades of melon and raspberry. It owes it a quaint name, Cuisse de nymphe émue (hot pink, in English), to a rose bush.

Subtle and very fresh on the nose, Laurent-Perrier suggests a basketful of small berry fruits: strawberries, raspberries, blackcurrants, blackberries, redcurrants, and morello and black cherries, the drink offers an overwhelming yet subtle taste of fruits.

Fruit dominates the palate of this well-rounded wine which combines structure and freshness.

La Belle Etoile Rose 

The vintage 2004 rosé, is a blend of Cinsault, Syrah, and Bourboulenc; it has the classic Rhone aromas and flavours of green herbs, minerality, dried strawberries and cherries and is dry and completely refreshing.

A wine that is full of berry flavours, that reminiscent of a trifle is perfect for those summer evenings and picnics.

This pretty pink wine is ideal for warm summer day drinking or an aperitif to start the evening off.

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