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7 Bank Holiday Party Hacks

Bank Holiday parties can be as fun and adventurous as you like. If you have friends and family coming down its always nice to have some new party tricks up your sleeve so your party is the one to remember.

We’ve come up with some ideas to make your party that much easier and fun!

1. Use a muffin tin as a portable drink tray.

Now this one is a great hack. Drink trays can get messy, drinks can slide and spill and you have to balance them. This trick allows you to use your muffin tin to hold your drinks as you hand them or pour them, it new and quirky and defiantly worth a try!

2. Use a muffin tin to organize condiments for a DIY burger bar.

Alternatively, if you’re serving food, use your muffin tin as a condiment holder! You can put as many different sauces and dips in the tin as you like.

Here’s a tip: If you don’t want to get your tin dirty, line the tray with cupcake cases and fill them with your favourite condiments!

3. Turn a watermelon into a big cocktail!

Another party trick that can be the centrepiece of your bar! This one is easy;

  1. Cut out a square in the top of your watermelon
  2. Scoop as much as the inside out as possible (You can mix this watermelon together with alcohol and refill it)
  3. Fill the inside of the watermelon with a cocktail of your choice, put some straws in and let your guests enjoy your fruity cocktail.

If you need some cocktail inspiration, look at our pasts blogs and our cocktails of the month!

4. Turn the watermelon into a Keg

You can actually turn the same watermelon into a keg if you really wanted to! All you need is a spigot and a sharp knife. Following the information above, at the bottom of the watermelon, make a small hole and insert the spigot and plate the watermelon on a plate. Now you’ve created a watermelon keg!

5. Use leftover wine bottles to make candle holders.

In this day and age sustainability and recycling is important. Why not buy some candles and put them in finished wine bottles that you’ve had over the weekend.

6. Make your own DIY Alcohol packets

For a fun idea, why not make some alcohol smoothies and freeze them to make your own alcohol slushies. All you need is fruit, vodka and freezer bags. Blend your fruit and vodka together, pour the mixture into the bags and freeze for an hour. You can put a straw into the bag and drink out of it and the best thing about it, you can take them anywhere with you!

7. Make skittles vodka

Skittles are some of the best-tasting sweets, what makes them taste better? Vodka, of course. Take each colour skittle and place them in a separate bottle, you may need more than one bag for this. Fill up half of your bottle with your skittles and fill the other half with vodka.

The great sweet taste of the skittles will want you drinking more and more and is certainly a drink to liven up your party!

What did you think of our hacks? Do you have any of your own?

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