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6 Ideas To Enjoy Your Homebound Bank Holiday In VIP Style

We were so amped up for the first proper bank holiday of the year but even with everything going on, it doesn’t mean we have to stop having fun completely! To give you a helping hand, we have put together some fun and innovative ideas to keep your homebound bank holiday as exciting as ever!

1. Have a games night

Make this bank holiday fun! Dust off those board games and get some drinks served. Games night can be fun if you’ve got friends round and there’s nothing on the TV, its great for families as well. Can we suggest twister, the game holds lots of laughs, lots of limbs and can certainly get interesting after a few vodka lemonades.

2. Make some new cocktails

Do you enjoy a cocktail or two when you go out? Why not try yourself at home? We have lots of cocktail ideas on our previous blogs and all you need is a shaker. Trying to create a new cocktail can be fun and creative and you can really get a chance to try some new flavours! You can try a popular cocktail or who knows, you can even make one from scratch and it could become world-famous.

3. Have a house gathering

Everyone is at home this bank holiday, so why not bring everybody to yours? You can get some wine and bring everyone round together for a great catch up. You can use our other ideas on this blog in order to liven up your party.

4. Spring clean

What is a bank holiday without a big spring clean in the house? It does sound boring but bear with us on this idea. Put some music on and turn the volume up nice and loud so the whole house can hear. Pour yourself a Gin and Tonic and get scrubbing around the house. It’s even better if there is more than one of you doing it, clean together and burst into dance every now and again.

5. Turn your back garden into an outdoor movie theatre

What better way to entertain and impress your guests than creating an outdoor cinema? It is easier to set up than it sounds. All you need is a projector, a white sheet to project off, and some bean bags and chairs so everyone can get comfy and watch a classic movie. Serve your guests with Gin and Tonic so everyone can sit back and soak in the wonderful atmosphere you have just created!

6. Try a new food recipe

Find a simple recipe where you and loved ones can cook a meal together or if you are a cook, why not teach you loved ones how to make your favourite recipe? You can have lots of fun, laughter and bond together whilst you make your delicious meal, after all, food does bring everybody together.

Whilst you’re cooking, why not serve your guests with some Luc Belaire Sparkling Wine to accompany your cooking class and food.

Whatever you do, make sure your alcohol cupboard is stocked up with prestigious bottles from VIP bottles for this bank holiday. We have some of the finest and luxurious bottles at some great prices.

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