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10 Celebrity Cribs We Wouldn’t Mind Being Quarantined  In

Isolation, lockdown, quarantine, whatever you want to call it, we’re big advocates of the stay at the home movement. But that got us thinking, which a-list celebrities house would we like to be isolating in. Here are our top 10 Celebrity Cribs that we would like to isolate ourselves in.

  1. Dr Dre

We’ll start off with hip hop legend Dr Dre. The $5.25 million mansion sits in LA. It boasts a lavish interior with high ceilings leaving you drooling at the sight of it. With eight bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, it’s a huge complex, it would be absolutely ideal to isolate yourself here with a few friends, even when this lockdown is over!

  1. LeBron James

It wouldn’t be a top 10 list without a sports star involved. The basketball legend has a $23 million mansion in LA. The white interiors, simplistic designs, large rooms and high ceilings (Probably due to the fact of 6’7 height), the LA Mansion is one to definitely be quarantined in.


  1. Rihanna

The singer turned business guru has an LA mansion, of course, she does. The six-bedroom villa has a private movie theatre and a guest house too, I guess she doesn’t want anybody staying in her other spare five bedrooms…

  1. Pharrell

The house that looks like a community college has recently been put on the market for shy of $17 Million, but it still looks like an extremely fun place to stay in. The house has a beautiful glass front off which the light reflects and a wonderful surrounding forest area. The 200ft driveway is also enough space to park cars for you and your friends.

  1. Jay Z and Beyonce

The king and queen of pop culture HAVE to make the list right?. Their Bel-Air Mansion is worth a whopping $88 million. The outside of the mansion is all white and 30,000 square foot. The intricately designed exterior only has us wondering what it is like on the inside.

  1. Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell’s Malibu mansion is at number five. The six bedrooms and seven-bathroom house also boast a plunge pool and tennis court. Must be easy to keep fit in some of these houses, right?


  1. Bruno Mars

Grammy winner Bruno Mars, like everyone else on this list has a tidy mansion to boast. Only a three-bedroom house; however, it holds a fully functional spa in the master bedroom alone. I think This is a very strong contender for the spa alone.

  1. Kim and Ye

We won’t lie, the house is probably worth the number one spot, but with all the drama the Kardashians bring along with Ye’s antics, it could be a stressful quarantine. Never the less, the house it astonishingly beautiful, the house doesn’t seem to end. With famous interior designers involved in the creation, the inside of the house is eye-catching yet simplistic, you wouldn’t want to leave.

  1. Will Smith

The French Prince of Bel-Air is basically the King of Calabasas with his mansion. The former TV star boasts a basketball court, tennis court, acres of land to share with his wife and three kids. With family fun and lots of space, what a place to be isolated during this time.


  1. Drake

Have you not seen Toosie Slide? The house was built from the ground up and has taken a few years to finish. The Toronto rapper recently moved in and we saw glimpses of the house in a recent Rap Radar interview as well as new song Toosie Slide visuals being filmed on the house grounds, due to quarantine of course. The sleek finished, marble floors, canvases across the walls, it’s a home we think we’d never get bored in. Oh, did we mention the fully equipped gym and basketball court?

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